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Press and Journal, May 2013

Great Gardens:Peace and Tranquillity

The Press & Journal, page 1

The Press & Journal, page 2

Scottish Life, Spring 2013

Scotland's Favourite Garden by Terry Williams

Scotland's Favourite Garden front cover

Scottish Life page 1

Scottish Life page 2

Scottish Life page 3

Scottish Life page 4

Scottish Life page 5

Scottish Life page 6

Scottish Life last page

The Scots Magazine April 2013

Growth Areas by Agnes Stevenson, Fine Surgery... and a creative approach to problem solving in these beautiful gardens

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Hardy Fern Foundation Quarterly, Fall 2012

Feature by Geoff Stephenson on helping tree ferns survive a hard winter

Hardy Fern front cover

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Shakkei, Autumn 2012

An article by Moyra Hughson about the May visit of the Japanese Garden Society to Attadale

Shakkei, page 1

Shakkei, page 2

Ampersand Interiors, Easter 2012

A Blog posting about an Easter visit to Attadale

Nature’s Palette

Garden News, 24 January 2012

Geoff Stephenson's expert suggestions to make your vegetable gardening more successful!

Vegetables - Geoff Stephenson

The Edible Garden Autumn & Winter 2011 - 2012

Geoff Stephenson's successful work in creating an impressive and beautiful kitchen garden.

Edible garden Page 1

Edible garden Page 2

Gardeners World, August 2011

Selected as a leading example of a Water Garden to visit this month by the best-selling Gardeners World magazine.

Gardeners World

The Scotsman Magazine, 25th June 2011

Antoinette Galbraith brings the Attadale Gardens story up to date to include the new sunken fern garden with photographs by Ray Cox, www.rcoxgardenphotos.co.uk 

The Scotsman Magazine Part1

The Scotsman Magazine Part2

The Scotsman Magazine Part3

The Scotsman Magazine Part4

Scotland's Gardens Scheme 2011

Nicky Macpherson's own description of Attadale Gardens written for this year's SGS Guide 


Country Life, 12 August 2009

The Royal Scotsman train's inaugural Homes and Gardens tour by Kathryn Bradley-Hole

Royal Scotsman

Visit the Kitchen Garden

Japanese Review of Kitchen Garden Page 1

Japanese Review of Kitchen Garden Page 2

Japanese Review of Kitchen Garden Page 3

The English Garden

At home in the hills (part 1)
At home in the hills (part 2)
At home in the hills (part 3)


Gardens Illustrated

Article about our new fern house in issue 100 

March 2005.
Unfolding Passions


Scotsman Magazine

Article 2nd September 2006.
Landscape painting (part 1)
Landscape painting (part 2)


Architectural Digest

Article April 2006

A Highland Spring Part 1
A Highland Spring Part 2
A Highland Spring Part 3
A Highland Spring Part 4


Les 100 Idees de Jardin

Article Winter 2006

Les Mysteres du Nord Part 1
Les Mysteres du Nord Part 2
Les Mysteres du Nord Part 3
Les Mysteres du Nord Part 4
Les Mysteres du Nord Part 5
Les Mysteres du Nord Part 6