The Sunken Garden

South west of the house the old sunken garden is surrounded by dry stone walls and hedged with Rosa rugosa and Azalea luteum. It is planted with early bulbs followed by hardy perennials that echo the colours and shapes of the surrounding hills.


The Giant Sundial

To the west of the house is a giant sundial, 35 feet across. The style or gnomen carved by Graciela Ainsworth from Edinburgh is supported by the rampant wild cat of the Skye Macphersons. The stone work is cut and laid by Tom Nelson and his team from Drumnadrochit.

The points of the compass, numbers and other decorations are all carved by Graciela.

The sundial is placed in front of a semi-circle of rhododendrons, Rosa moyesii, various hydrangeas and ground cover planned for easy maintenance.

Behind that, there are paths through the New Wood.

In addition, she has also created a specially carved stone with the initials of Nicky and Ewen Macpherson, together with their national flower, a protea for Nicky and a thistle for Ewen who have devoted the last thirty years creating Attadale Gardens as they are today.