The Old Rhododendron Walk

Above the ponds, along the old rhododendron walk, rowan, maple, cherry and birch have been planted to provide a contrast with the dark green of the rhododendrons and the sheltering conifers.

Embothrium Coccineum and Ecucryphia from Chile both do well here. Juniperus squamata "Blue Carpet" has provided useful cover for old tree stumps left by previous storms and Crinodendron Hookerianum with its pendant lanterns, the national flower of Chile.

Among the rhododendrons, R.arboreum species seem the toughest and healthiest.

You will find R. yunnanense, davidsonianum, griersonianum, oreotrophes, cinnabarinum roylei and xanthcodon with an enormous cornubia on the left at the other end of the drive. The Wellingtonia, sequoiandendron giganteum is the only major tree that survived the gales.

We are adding pictures soon!